Zonatrac attract and kill has been evaluated against Peach

Efficacy of Zonatrac attract and kill has been evaluated against Peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata.


The Zonatrac is specialized wax emulsion formulation consisting Methyl Eugenol (35%) and contact insecticide (abamectin 0.5%). Effectiveness of Zonatrac system was evaluated in two locations in Tripoli, Libya, the first location is in Sidi El-Masri research Station which is belong the Ministry of Agricultural and the second location is in Hay Demsheq, neighborhood, Tripoli. An average amount of 2 g of Zonatrac was applied in corrugated cardboard surface to be used inside McPhail. 

Traps were hung from branches of host and non-host tree at a height of 1.5 - 2 meters above the ground level. Zonatrac also applied on tree trunk and leaf surface to evaluate comparative attraction. Mean (±SEM) daily temperature values in the trial sites were: 18-43ºC.


First field experiment at Sidi EL Masri showed effectiveness Zonatrac over a period of 12 weeks consistently.


The highest average catch was (123-130) peach fruit fly per trap per day (FTD) were recorded during the week of 1 to 2 (See Figure 1). Then the average fruit fly catch per trap per day declined gradually and the lowest FTD (12.44) was recorded in week 12. It is evident that high temperature did not show any significant impact on the efficacy of Zonatrac formulation.


The field trial at Hay Demsheq also showed effectiveness Zonatrac up to 9 weeks consistently. The highest average catches (331.21-516.29) of peach fruit fly were recorded during the week of 1 to 2. FTD was over 100 until week 6 and then showed a decreasing trend up to week 9. There is evidence of a gradual decline and lowest trapped flies (39.71) were recorded in the last week. Trapped flies were killed immediately after contact.


The present study indicated the attractiveness and toxicity of Zonatrac against male B. zonata. In terms of toxicity, in both trial sites it is demonstrated that Zonatrac ‘attract and kill’ can be used to cover a period over 8-12 weeks. As abamectin has low contact toxicity, when mixed with Zonatrac offers a reduced-risk alternative for control of B. zonata, without causing damage to non-target insects.

Present study results indicated that Zonatrac can be used successfully as male annihilation tool to control peach fruit flies in an area-wide integrated pest management (IPM) program rather than cover spray of conventional organophosphate insecticides

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